Transcribing Tips in NVivo

If you transcribe inside of NVivo, you can change the seconds the audio goes back to where you left off, if you have to pause the audio and start again by doing the below:

-Select File
-Go to Options
-Select the Audio/Video Tab
-For “player skip/video”, select the amount of time you want NVivo to go back from in your audio when you hit play again (I like 7 seconds)
-Ensure “Skip back on play in Transcribe mode” is checked
-Select Apply at the bottom then OK

Now, you are good to go to quali out some more.

4. Inside of a memo or annotation inside NVivo, you can use a keyboard shortcut to document the date and time by doing the following:

Press Ctl + Shift + T

Doing so will save you loads of time on your project since you will not have to look down at the clock on your computer to find the time and date and then type them. This cuts down on typos too. In addition, if you are working in a team on a project, it ensures the format for this is consistent without causing an undue burden on others.

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