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PACKAGE 1: Individual NVivo Tutoring


Note: You may be able to deduct work-related education to maintain or improve your skills in your present job, career, or profession, for tax purposes. Please consult your local tax professional. All consulting time is to be used in one session. AAC is located in the Eastern Standard Time (EST), US, time zone. Dr. Adams is currently using the following version of NVivo to facilitate training: NVivo 12 Plus Zoom link will be provided upon payment of invoice and subsequent session scheduling.

$175-Regular Pricing- 1.5 hours of interactive engagement

$99-Student & Non-Profit Organization Pricing-1.5 hours of interactive engagement

1. Once scheduled, you will have the opportunity to get the answers to the lingering questions you have had concerning using NVivo, whether you are a novice or experienced researcher. 2. You will be able to share your computer’s screen via Zoom and receive one-on-one, specific and tailored feedback and advice concerning your current NVivo project for 1.5 hours. If you think you will need more than 1.5 hours, you can purchase more hours at a reduced price 3 hours for $300 (regular pricing) and $150 for students and non-profit organizations for a limited time only.