Scholarly Activity

Refereed Articles

Adams, J. L. (2020). An unusual case of multiple-gunshot suicide with nine gunshot wounds by an active-duty soldier: “Are you sure?” Journal of Forensic Identification, 70(4), 395-405.

Adams, J. L. (2019). “I almost quit”: Exploring the prevalence of the Ferguson Effect in two small sized law enforcement agencies in rural southcentral Virginia. The Qualitative Report, 24(7), 1747-1764.

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Book Reviews

Adams, J. L. (2019). A lighthouse in the sea of qualitative textbooks: A book review of Kakali Bhattacharya’s fundamentals of qualitative research—A practical guide. The Qualitative Report, 24(2), 295-297.

Encyclopedia Entries

Bernat, F. P., & Frailings (Eds.). (2019). Jodi Arias. In The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime. Hoboken, NY: John Wiley & Sons Inc. doi: 10.1002/9781118929803

Public Scholarship

Adams, J. L. (2017). Protecting churches: Options to enhance security. Inpublicsafety, from

Adams, J. L. (2016). Advanced your career with the certified fraud examiner certification. Inpublicsafety, from

Adams, J. L. (2015). Tips for joint investigations with military criminal investigation organizations. Inpublicsafety, from

Presentations and Workshops

Adams, J. L. (2022, Mar 2). Critical processes of terrorist organizations [Remote]. Guest Lecturer. Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX.

Adams, J. L. (2020). NVivo advanced skills [Webinar]. Qualitative Research in Education.

Adams, J. L. (2020). NVivo intermediate skills [Webinar]. Qualitative Research in Education.

Adams, J. L. (2020). NVivo navigation & basic skills [Webinar]. Qualitative Research in Education.

Adams, J. L. (2020, Feb 17). A nine-shot suicide: “Are you sure?” Presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting: Anaheim, CA: Presenter.

Adams, J. L. (2018, May 16). Diversity, inclusion, and mentoring: Lifting as we climb. Presented at the Federally Employed Women (FEW)-Federal Triangle Chapter Monthly Meeting: Virtual, Presenter.

Adams, J. L. (2018, Feb 15). The “Ferguson Effect” and its impact on community-oriented policing: Fact or fiction. Presented at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting: New Orleans, LA, Presenter.

Adams, J. L. (2017, Sep 25). The student and the teacher: Practical tips for educators. Presented at the 2017 Excellence in Higher Education Virtual Conference. Columbia Southern University, Presenter.

Adams, J. L. (2015, Apr 1-3). The military sexual assault victim. Presented at Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD) Annual Sexual Assault and Harassment Program Summit, Panelist.

Invited Presentations and Workshops

Adams, J. L. (2020, January). Exploring the lived experiences of rural police officers in southcentral Virginia of the Ferguson Effect: Discussion & recommendations. 11th TQR Annual Conference (TQR 2020). Fort Lauderdale, FL. (Invited presenter)

Adams, J. L. (2019, August). A qualitative and quantitative exploration of the ability to defeat Bluestar Forensic® with oxidizing household cleaners at an altered crime scene. 2019 International Association for Identification (IAI) Conference. Reno, NV. (Invited presenter)