What We Do

NVivo Tutoring

Need help navigating NVivo after you have searched all over YouTube to find an answer to your specific question(s) for your project? Want someone who has been certified and vetted in the use of NVivo? Adams Academic Consulting (AAC) provides one-on-one tutoring sessions (via Zoom) and face-to-face to give you the help you need.

Dissertation  and Thesis Coaching


Are you a doctoral/thesis student who is just the type of person who needs an accountability partner? We will work with you to ensure your dissertation or thesis is well-designed, is theoretically and empirically aligned, and is accomplishable. Although we can assist any academic discipline, our specialties are in the disciplines of criminal justice and forensic science.

Converting a Manuscript into a Peer-Reviewed Article

Need help finally submitting your finished dissertation, thesis, or in-progress piece for peer-reviewed publication due to imposter syndrome? We will work with you to find a good home for your piece, as well as assist you in reimagining and refining your original manuscript to meet the rigors of publication.

Conducting a Literature Review with NVivo

Are you a researcher or doctoral/thesis student who needs help with the dreaded word “synthesis”? NVivo is the perfect tool for that. We can show you how to import your literature into NVivo (Windows) and take a deeper dive into the literature to improve your synthesis.